SF is truly a one stop home deco center which constant underlining of creative interior design style as the source of inspiration for customers to pursuit their ideal home & living environment. Our huge variety of innovative design themes ranging from French country homes, Victoria, Oriental, Fusion, Modern, to English homes maintained excellent customer satisfaction levels from various consumer segments; the nobles, renowned interior designers, five star hotels & the general public, are all loyal customers of SSF.

Selling over 30,000 products, SSF’s product series included Furniture, Artificial Flower & Plant, Home Deco, Custom and Ready-made Curtain, Bedding, Bathroom, Carpet, Lighting, Household, Kitchenware, Pelamin & Wedding Accessories.

As Malaysia’s top home living solution provider, we believe true innovation happens when we understand the needs of our consumers combined with our experience, creativity
out-of-the-box ideas.

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