Principals owners of Papparoti worldwide franchise, over 400 cafes and kiosk across the globe. Papparoti established in Malaysia in Y2003, the downright delicious coffee caramel buns have gained enormous praise and now immensely popular in countries from Chiana to UAE. Now, Papparoti domain in venturing further afield, dedicated to spreading the flavour of out intensely flavourful and aromatic buns.

Kris Krust
Our signature puff burgers was conceived by our director who spent many years in Califonia, inspired by the american diners in Los Angeles. Our signature hand-folded puff pastry is folded by our in-house bakers to create a soft and crispy texture. All ingredients used by Kris Krust are HALAL certified. The puff burgers is a completely new and unique product combining the flaky texture of puff pastry and the juicy burger patty. Is is an ideal take away or can be taken in between meals.

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10am - 10pm