Signifying growth and development, the name “Hei” embodies our desire to consistently serve quality food and excellent customer service. The green blooming flower in the logo conveys abundance and refreshment, thoroughly reflected in our commitment to craft healthy and rewarding culinary experiences for all.

Hei Sushi, modelled after its sister brand Sakae Sushi, was established to bridge the gap of providing quality and Halal certified Japanese cuisine at an affordable price range. We feature a wide selection of Japanese cuisine prepared with a touch of local flavours. Through a fine selection of fresh ingredients and novel preparation methods, all dishes are served with utmost taste and quality assurance.

Exquisite flavor. Quality assurance. Value for money. These are the hallmarks of Hei Sushi that we promise every customer we serve. Come and experience a gastronomic adventure like no other today.

L3, 23 & 24(B)
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10am - 10pm