JUBAHSOUQ is a brand founded in October 2010, the company have been growing everyday and has been at the forefront of the Malaysian Muslim online modest industry since its first blogshop - Jubah Dubai Souq. We at Jubahsouq devote ourselves to provide you with the latest modesty trend at affordable prices without sacrificing style or subtance.

Our new collections are launched regularly and eagerly participated by the Modest fashion industry. Every pieces of collections are wearable through day and night, from daily basis to corporate events making the wearer stay effortlessly stylish.

Immaculate craftmanship is a work culture at Jubahsouq. Our in-house designer team selects only the best fabrics all around the world to create a statement pieces of cloths which are second to none in production house quality.

Taking the opportunity to interpret muslim fashion in its own way and by encouraging its customers to use their imagination to combine its collections, it is able to fill the streets with women who radiate a unique, personal style.

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