Each A Cup products originate from Taiwan (trading initially under Healthy2000 & awarded the “Gold Medalist” by the Taiwan Consumer Association). Since 1999, in the face of fierce competition, we are one of the few established bubble tea brands that stands humbly & flourish with the support of our regulars.

It all started out during Singapore’s first ever bubble tea culture boom, and have brought us to become a well-known bubble tea brand in Singapore as well as Malaysia, with further international ambitions. We specialize in a large variety of Fresh Tea, Ice Blended, Smoothies, Yoghurt Drinks, Snow Shakes, Coffee & Creative Fresh Juices.
Being innovative & constantly creating new unique drinks with our Taiwanese Tea Consultants make us the brand of choice with young & mature consumers alike. In year 2011, we have first launched the latest revolutionary concept of “Each-a-Brew” from Taiwan: On-the-spot Freshly Brewed Tea per cup in 60 seconds  


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10am - 10pm