BAKKA Founded in 2014, an International Islamic fashion retail business its contemporary products originate from UK, JORDAN, Turkey and Germany, our main own production line of clothing fashioned in Turkey, Istanbul.

Since the store provides a variety of famous Islamic clothing brands under one roof, the founder thought it appropriate to adopt a name that symbolizes diversity and strength of trade from an Islamic tradition.

Choosing the name “BAKKA” had a special significance as well, since BAKKA is an ancient term for the city of Mecca, historically, The Holy City Mecca had an outstanding reputation for its trade. Several trade alliances were struck with merchants from around the globe, which resulted in the city becoming a hub for trade. In Mecca, one would find various goods from different continents.

The shop’s interior and logo designs were influenced by designs found in Al-Andalus, specifically a city arranged entirely in blue and white, inspired recreations of this city can be found in both Morocco and Tunisia. The significance of Including Al-Andalus in the overall vision of BAKKA was of high importance to the founder, as Al-Andalus represents the height of artistic precision and aesthetic excellence within Islamic history.

BAKKA is on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and make a contemporary Islamic clothing both accessible and appealing to young men and women.

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